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What our clients are saying...
Custom shoji screens for an bedroom closet. Beech with Sapele mid-panels

"Ed and Frances, Here are some photos of the doors installed in our bedroom. I couldn't be more thrilled. You were right - they are even more lovely in person. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful addition to my house. Wishing you all the best"

Betsy C.
Washington 2023

"They're beautiful!  Wonderful craftsmanship!  Thank you"

William M.
Pennsylvania 2023

"We are very happy with the end result. Thank you for your beautiful work."

Leah R.
Nelson BC 2024

"Installation finally completed over the weekend. The overall result is amazing and better than we had hoped for, truly transforming the space. Thank you so much!"

Matthew K
Washington 2023

"Ed, our Shoji screens are the most admired and loved objects in our new condo! They make us happy each time we walk past them. And they diffuse the morning sunlight when we are in the art studio. We truly appreciate your craftsmanship and the attention to detail that you and Frances provided.
Thank you very much. "

Karen L.
Washington 2022

Custom shoji screens for an art studio. Maple with lower door panels

"The shoji arrived today. It's gorgeous."

Sabiha B.
Washington 2022

"The shoji doors arrived, they are in perfect condition and look fabulous! Many thanks! They look exactly as I hoped and I'm very excited to get them up and running."

Karen W.
Virginia 2022

"Everything went well and all are installed. Beautiful work as usual!"

Haven Hill Builders
New Hampshire 2022

"We continue to love our beautiful shoji screens. Everyone who visits our home is amazed when they see them - especially the doors to the Zen room! We hope all is well with both of you. Life in the desert is great!"

Carolyn M.
Utah 2021

"Happy New Years. I just received some photos from our contractor of the recently installed shoji screens. Thought you might enjoy seeing where your work ended up. They really lived up to our expectations, Thank you."

James R.
Minnesota 2022

Custom Beech shoji screens as room divider.
Custom shoji screens for basement remodel. Beech with Sapele mid-panels.

"The doors are lovely! Thank you so much for taking on our project. We will definitely enjoy these for years to come!
Take care"

Ed & Cathy A.
Washington 2021

"Hi Edward, Thank you for the beautiful Shoji door & header.

Scott B.
Illinois 2021

"They are perfect!! Thank you for all you did and I hope you will be willing to be a resource to order from if/when my clients want Shoji in their homes.

Brandon B.
Washington 2021

"Edward, Thought you might want to see your work installed by us. Fit like a glove."

Montgomery Remodeling
Oregon 2021

"Hi Edward, From concept to execution, the vision finally completed today. Your beautiful shoji screens (back lit in these photos) look fantastic along side the tatami.
I wish you a very happy new year!

Jim S.
South Carolina 2020

"Hi Frances, The doors arrived in mint condition. My brother is installing them now. They are absolutely stunning and they work perfectly in our space. We are just thrilled. Thank you for the meticulous craftsmanship. We couldn't be more pleased.
Thank you"

Theresa B.
Colorado 2020

"The shoji arrived this morning with the crate and contents intact. Your notes and instructions marked on the boxes were an additional touch of class. The color, finish and quality are excellent in appearance. I anticipated your product to be of high quality based on research and you proved it.

Ed B.
Ohio 2020

"Hi Frances, YES! The shoji arrived safe and sound and on the expected delivery date. We are most grateful and will certainly enjoy this addition to our home.
Best regards,"

Margaret O.
North Carolina 2020

Custom Sapele shoji screens in house remodel.

"Hey Ed, Yes! Recently hung ( seems like it took forever) and they are incredible! They truly make the house more spectacular than ever. I truly appreciate your craftsmanship. I will send you pictures soon... Regards,"

Scott C.
Florida 2019

You can find additional pictures of this home on Houzz. Thanks to our client for sending pictures!

"Hi Ed, Your shoji screens are beautiful and we are thrilled with their beauty, quality, and with how much they add to our home. They are not room dividers, they are art! Bryan did a magnificent design and incorporated your panels beautifully into our home. Daina and I cannot thank you enough for your support. All our best."

Jean & Daina
South Carolina 2019

"Ed, They went up great. Easy because, even if the opening is a 4 dimensional not-cube, the shoji are extraordinarily nicely done. I'll have to sort through valence options, but it's already amazing to sit in here and feel how different it is. Angela arrives Friday and her reaction will be joyful. So, thanks. And thanks to Frances too."

Greg P.
California 2018

"The panel arrived yesterday.
What a beautiful piece!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
The light behind it gives it a wonderful, tranquil glow in the evenings.
All the best,"

Doug W.
New York 2018

Custom Cherry backlit shoji screen as room accent.

"Hi Ed, Just sending along a photograph of the Shoji door installed in my newly renovated space. Thanks again for the support and great customer service.

Marc Y.
California 2019

"Yes I installed the shoji and I have been loving them! They are beautiful and even more so when backlit. They are in our bedroom and really set the mood for the room. I am still finishing the sapele trim I put up with them, but I will send pictures when it is done.
With gratitude,"

Noah R.
Oregon 2019

"Hi Ed and Frances, Thanks for making the screen, its really a centerpiece of our home now! It looks beautiful. The installer found the instructions useful and was able to install it pretty much spot on. I'll send a better picture to you tomorrow. It looks great!"

C. Chan
Minnesota 2019

"Dear Ed and Frances, After many months of waiting, our lovely shoji is now in place and we are loving not only the design and placement, but of course, appreciating the quality, as well! Our construction took much longer than expected due to an addition in another room, but our contractor Evan wanted the shoji to be the last thing installed as he was very protective of it! We are so pleased that we found you and that you were willing and able to custom our son's design into the sliding shoji. He loves it as well! So, thank you very much for your artistry and craftsmanship and Frances, thank you for your efficiency. With much appreciation,"

C. Reichert
California 2018

Custom shoji screen. Barn door type install. Modern kumiko pattern.

"Dear Ed and Frances, I want to thank you for creating such beautiful shoji screens for my parents. They were absolutely delighted with the beauty and craftsmanship of the project. They said the natural finish of the panels brightens the room and makes the space seem larger. I can't wait to see them in person when I visit my folks later in the year.
Thank you also for delivering them in person. I just looked at the route on Google maps, and it's easily over a hundred miles in each direction. I didn't realize it was such a long trip for you. I truly appreciate the personal service.
Best of luck to you and Shoji Designs."
California 2018
    We do not deliver usually. But our client (CA) bought shoji for his 90 year old parents (WA). Since our client was not in town and we could not find a delivery service that would install the shoji and take away the crate and packaging materials, we delivered them ourselves.

"The room is not complete yet, and I am going to work on the floors, but I wanted to share some pictures anyway... the shoji look absolutely gorgeous!"

Minnesota 2017

"I appreciate the follow up. Your customer service is just as good as the quality of your product. The owners are very pleased with their shoji doors and I appreciate the sample grid work you provided for our painters to practice on. If I ever have another need for shoji doors, you are my guy."

Washington 2017

"Dear Ed, I don't know if you'll remember us. A dozen years ago, you made six custom shoji screen sliding doors for the closets in our bedroom when we undertook a major remodel of our home. As other stuff has come up on its unofficial "expiration date" (read: built-in obsolescence) a dishwasher, an under-counter refrigeration unit and in the aftermath of replacing a roof, refinishing English slate countertops and tile floors we wanted you to know how grateful we are that we found our way to you to realize our vision for the shoji screens. They remain beautiful, unblemished (albeit for a few indiscernible nicks inflicted by our now 4-year-old grandson) and an ever-enduring grace note we're privileged to see (and open) every day.
Your craftsmanship speaks for itself. We're pleased to see from your website that you're still here, still working, and bestowing your gifts upon others. We simply wanted to thank you.
Best wishes and warmest regards for the New Year! May it be one of great joy, good health, and continued prosperity.
Nine bows,"
Peter and Johnna L.
Washington 2017
We worked for these clients in 2005, received this really sweet note from them over the holidays.

"Edward, It was great seeing you again and we look forward to having you work with us in our new home. In 2003 you created pocket shoji window coverings for our living room and dining room. This was a new construction home so you worked closely with our builder throughout the project and the result was a seamless, beautiful addition to our Asian decor. The materials you used were excellent quality and have endured these 13 years, looking as pristine now as they were new. The sale of our home was greatly influenced by the beautiful shoji and how well they were made.
When we bought our 'new' existing home we wanted to include some shoji accents and knew exactly who to contact! Thanks for working with us again and we are excited to see the finished project."

Bruce and Gaylene L.
Washington 2016

"All arrived and all in good shape....we're very excited about this installation ..... Thanks for your great follow through..
Happy New Year"
Peter A.
Florida 2014

"Thank you so much Ed. The shoji screen really is beautiful and looks so amazing in my studio. It really is a work of art. Thank You and many Blessings to you both. It was great working with you."
Patty V.
California 2015

"Yes the shojis are installed!!!!! They are so elegant! Many many thanks again for making the space wonderful. Francesca said she was astounded and impressed at the packing "
Lynn J.
Florida 2016

"The shoji doors are amazing. They look fantastic and provide an interesting architectural element to the room as well as being functional closet doors. The pictures don't do justice to what these add to the entire space. Love your work. If I ever build a home or renovate another one, I will be in touch!"
Jason F.
Wisconsin 2013

Custom Shoji screen closet doors Shoji closet open

"The shojis arrived and they are beautiful - as always. And they were in pristine condition so your shipping crate/nuclear bomb shelter was adequate for the trip. Here's hoping you have an outstanding 2016 and that you haven't both retired by the time we need to order our next batch of shojis! Thank you and it is always a pleasure to work with you both."
Diana P.
Arizona 2015

"Ed & Frances, The shoji are now installed and Leslie and I think they look fantastic! We're really happy with the installation as well. Thanks for your contribution to our project. "
Martin & Leslie G.
California 2016

"A brief photograph tour of our apartment - now 99% complete - shows how your outstanding craftsmanship is absolutely integral to our happiness with the results. We wish to thank you both for all your efforts. We are always available for reference or testimonials. Trust we are spreading the good word in southwest Florida. Kind regards "
Rob & Patricia C.
Florida 2013

"Hi Ed and Frances, Attached is a photo of our shoji doors in place. The install was easy and they work beautifully.
Thanks very much. "
Linda L.
Washington 2016

"Dear Edward, The shoji screen arrived yesterday. I understand now why you charge the high packaging fee. Quite an effort and beautifully done! The screen is perfect. It is a real work of art. You are clearly a true artisan and the woodwork is smooth as a baby's behind. It looks beautiful. Thank you so much for your excellent work. Best regards"
David P.
Pennsylvania 2015

"Thanks so much Ed. The screens are beautiful and works of art."
Gus B.
Florida 2016