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How to estimate Shoji Screens

The form below will help you estimate your shoji. It's not automatic, you'll need to push the brown buttons for the line items to calculate. If you change the height or width you'll need to recalculate the shoji cost. If you change the number of shoji to span, you'll need to update all of your line items below that.

Shoji ballpark estimate includes; 1-3/8" thick shoji frames in finished Beech with Port Orford Cedar kumiko, standard kumiko patterns and 0.3 mm White Warlon paper
Example numbers below are for a typical closet opening size 72" wide by 80" tall with 2 shoji to span.
Delete the sample numbers and add your own, then click 'calc'.
Opening size in inches - width   height
Number of shoji to span opening
Filling in the three items above is necessary for the form to work.
Caveats to the form;
Small window shoji panels have a $500 minimum charge.
Full height but narrow shoji panels have a $600 minimum charge.
Upgrade wood species - Cherry or Maple $
Upgrade wood species - Sapele $
Upgrade to one of the heavier shoji papers
0.45 mm Warlon White - 0.3 mm Warlon Kinwashi - 0.3 mm Chiri Warlon
Upgrade to 0.3 mm Haruki Warlon
Upgrade to 1.0 mm Warlon in White or Opaque White
Upgrade to 1.0 mm Kinwashi or Chiri Warlon
Upgrade to one star* Kumiko patterns $
Upgrade to two star** Kumiko patterns
Inlaid Door Pulls - Ebony or Japanese Cherry
Assumes one door pull per shoji screen.
Lower Door Panels $
Tracking choose one type    
Traditional Wood upper and lower Tracking
Used when the shoji need to travel more than their width from side to side.
Number of channels or tracks - - -
Upper Aluminum Roller tracking with Wood/Aluminum Floor Track
Used when the shoji need to travel more than their width from side to side.
Number of channels or tracks - - -
Aluminum Roller Tracking with floor guides instead of floor track
Used when the shoji only need to move their own width from side to side.
Estimate Total   $
If you want to contact us regarding an estimate please email us at edward@shojidesigns.com
Thank you!

Please note - all our shoji screens are made to order.
Standard and/or non-standard door sizes are both priced the same. Small window shoji and narrow, full height shoji are subject to a minimum charge.

For additional information on the materials we use see our materials page.
For pictures of different styles of shoji screens see our portfolio page and the WeBlog.

Crates are usually $250 each. Shipping costs will be anywhere from $300 to $800 depending on your location.